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1. Applicant attests that the information included in and with this application is completely true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
2. The work associated with this permit that connects to, abuts, or utilizes the right-of-way in any manner shall require the applicable contractor to have a right-of-way bond and Certificate of Liability on file with the Town.
3. All applications shall include the following uploaded documents: site plan (or plot plan) denoting fence location and dimensions, and either a Certificate of Liability (if work is performed by a contractor) or proof of homeowners insurance (if work is performed by homeowner).
4. Please note the Town has limitations on fences in easements. Applications proposing fencing in easements will require a site visit by the Town, and all such requests are subject to approval by the Public Works Commissioner on a case by case basis dependent upon easement conditions and existing and proposed infrastructure. Additionally, if a fence encroachment into an easement is approved, additional paperwork, including but not limited to, the recording of an easement encroachment acknowledgement form will be required.
5. The Town reserves the right to update these rules and conditions at any time without notice. The Town also reserves the right to require additional inspections or submittal materials at the discretion of the Director of Planning and Building.

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