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1. Applicant attests that the information included in and with this application is completely true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.
2. The construction of any accessory structure that connects to, abuts, or utilizes the right-of-way in any manner shall require the applicable contractor to have a right-of-way bond and Certificate of Liability on file with the Town.
3. All applications shall include the following uploaded documents: site plan (or plot plan), construction drawings, erosion control plan, and construction details.
4. The Town requires the following inspections for most Accessory Structures: a. Footing (inspection required before concrete is placed) b. Rough-in c. Final The inspection fees for one of each inspection type listed above are covered in the building permit fees. Additional inspections and/or re-inspections are $75 (increasing for subsequent failed inspections) and all re-inspection fees must be paid prior to the Town issuing a Certificate of Occupancy (C/O).
5. If you are submitting an application for a pool you must include in the “Description of Project” the construction material (fiberglass, galvanized steel, gunite steel, etc) and the type of heating (gas, electric, or other). Any in ground pool with a depth less than 30” or aboveground pool with a diameter less than 15’ does not require a permit.
6. All construction sites shall keep a copy of the approved permit placard and construction plans on-site throughout construction activities.
7. The Town reserves the right to update these rules and conditions at any time without notice. The Town also reserves the right to require additional inspections or submittal materials at the discretion of the Director of Planning and Building.

I do hereby certify that the information contained herein is true and correct.

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